Coming soon to HorseHairs will be a kit with everything you need to make your very owwn horsehair bracelet!

Make Your Own HorseHair Bracelet Kits: Only £25!


New: we now also offer an easy kit complete with full instructions so you can enjoy making your very own horsehair bracelet: great for crafty kids, and adults too! You will need superglue and strong thread (ideally nylon) to complete your bracelet. These are not included in the kits.


Complete with 4mm diameter sterling silver end tips, clasp and horseshoe charm the kit pieces represent the quality you would expect from HorseHairs. All you need to do is take a small piece of your pony's tail and plait or braid it following the instructions. Add the charm and end pieces and you have your own beautiful horsehair bracelet to wear!


To order please just drop us an email at or call 01438 880936.




Please note there is a £3.50 postage and packing charge for the Kit.