Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How do I pay for my order?

A - We can send you a paypal invoice or you can send a cheque along with your hair made payable to Rebecca Wenzerul. When sending a cheque please remember there is a £8.50 special delivery charge per order.


Q – How long will it take for me to receive my order?

A – From when we receive your hair it will take 14-28 days to make your piece in most instances. Rings and gold orders may take longer than this but we will advise you at the time you place your order. 


Q – Can you send my order more quickly if I have a specific deadline date?

A – We will do our best to meet specific requirements, please contact us and we can advise.


Q – How much hair do I need to send?

A - This depends on the piece ordered: For a bracelet we need approximately 10-12inches in length about the width of a pencil. For a ring we need 5 strands of 10inches. For other resin pieces we need 5 strands of long tail hair, or 20 strands of mane hair.


Q – Do I need to wash the hair before I send it?

A – Yes please make sure your hair reaches us clean. If you wish us to wash and clean the hair there is an extra £5 charge.


Q – Can you make a bracelet from mane or forelock hair?

A – Unfortunately not as often the hair is very fine and brittle. However we can make a piece from our resin range from mane or forelock hair.


Q – Can you make a bracelet combining several tails?

A – Yes, we can combine as many as you wish!


Q – My horse is no longer with us, I am worried about sending his hair?

A – We confirm receipt of the hair as a matter of course. We will also return any un-used hair to you if you wish. We also send all bracelets via special delivery which is fully tracked so we always know where your hair is.


Q – What sizes are the bracelets?

A – XS = 6’’, S = 6.5’’, M = 7’’, L = 7.5’’ and XL = 8’’. You can also advise us if you would like a different length.


Q – Can I have a combination of charms on my bracelet that are not on the website?

A – Yes: please contact us for a definite price.


Q – Can I have charms and beads?

A – Yes, you can combine beads charms and cubes, you can design your own bracelet.


Q – Can I send my own charm to be attached to the bracelet?

A – Yes. There is a £5 charge for this to cover the cost of the attachment we need to use to attach it to the bracelet.


Q – What sizes are the personalised charms ?

A. Personalised charms come in Small and Regular sizes. Please see the PDF below for exact sizes of all shapes.


Q – Can I have a personalised charm and beads or cubes?

A – Yes, any combination.


Q – My horse has a long name, will it fit onto a personalised charm?

A – Yes: however please be aware the more writing you require the smaller the letters will be.


Q - Can I wear my bracelet every day?

A – Yes you can: but please be aware that the bracelet is made of horsehair rather than metal and therefore is more delicate and will wear more than a piece of metal jewellery. To keep your bracelet looking as new we would recommend saving it as an occasional piece of jewellery.


Q- Does my jewellery come with a warranty?

A- Yes we offer a 1 year warranty on all our pieces. Please see our policies tab fro more details.