What to look for in a piece of HorseHair Jewellery

A piece of jewellery made from your own horse’s hair is a very special and personal item and there are now quite a number of people and companies that make these pieces. These pieces are all handmade and as such there is a wide difference in the quality and finish of the items that are produced. So here are the main differences and the questions I would recommend you ask before you purchase a piece of horsehair jewellery


Q.     What are the end pieces, clasp, charms etc on the piece made from?


Find out if you are getting sterling silver, gold, another metal, or something that is plated. This may not be of importance to you but it is good to know what you are paying for. Remember the metal on plated pieces will wear off and may reveal a different coloured metal underneath, whereas silver or gold can be easily polished to restore it to its original shine. Also remember to check you will not react to the metal which may cause blackness on your skin, itching or other reactions. Reactions to gold and silver are very rare compared to metals which are commonly plated, such as nickel alloys.


Q. Are the end pieces, jumprings, charms etc soldered?


Soldering silver and gold fuses the pieces of metal together at a very high heat meaning that it should be completely secure as that element becomes one solid piece of metal. A number of companies construct the end of bracelets using jumprings or splitrings that are just pushed together with a pair of pliers. This means if the bracelet gets pulled the jumpring or splitring may just pull open and the bracelet may then fall off. With other pieces such as stockpins glue may be used to hold different pieces together: again this is a lot weaker than soldered pieces. 


Q. If you are buying a bracelet, or another piece that is braided: What type of braid is used and how is it secured?   


Different people and companies braid in different ways. A braid will consist of at least 4 sections of hair interwoven together.  The look of the braid is partly down to personal preference and so long as the braid is made correctly it should be durable. Also ask how the end of the braids are secured. Ends of braids should also be separately secured: tied and glued. This gives additional security when the braid is secured into the end pieces. 


Q. Can I come round and see you?


If a person or company is proud of their products and the quality and finish they should be quite happy for you to come round and see examples of their work. If you are close to where a company is based this may be very easy for you to do. Alternatively just by asking the question you will get a good feel as to whether you would be welcome and this usually gives a very good indication of what you can expect from your finished piece.


Q. Can I have a close up photo?


It is often difficult to make out specifics on pictures online. If you can’t see the detail of the clasp, or the braid, or any other element and you are too far away to be able to view the pieces just ask if you can have a close up photo of that element. If the maker is happy with the quality they will usually be quite happy to do this.


Q. Anything else that you are worried about or occurs to you!


 If you have any concerns or questions about the piece of horsehair jewellery you are ordering just ask! And remember nothing is a silly question.

Here at HorseHairs we can assure you all our end pieces are made of sterling silver or 9 and 18 carat gold with every piece soldered. Our braids are all secured with double knots and glued before being inserted into end pieces. And you are welcome to make an appointment to come and see us anytime!